• Choose what’s right for you – Many different diet, supplement and exercise types & options available, freedom to change diet and exercise modalities;
  • Home visits & studio personal training & fully online options available;
  • Physical rehabilitation, chronic injury & condition management, preventative & correcting exercise.
  • Full battery of fitness & functional testing coupled with in-depth lifestyle evaluation;
  • Custom, individualized, exercise, lifestyle and nutrition management.

Premium weight loss, performance, rehabilitation & lifestyle transformations that create long lasting, dramatic results for your health, body & mind. We apply an holistic approach comprising of tailored exercise, nutrition and lifestyle management expertise.

The Sport Scientist and brain behind this program has trained elite royalty, celebrities, sportsman and models in more than 30 countries and is a passionate enthusiast. He has participated in many exercise modalities at a high level – Yoga & Pilates, mountain biking & running, resistance exercise in many forms, athletics, half iron man & various other marathon events.

Every one of them have been an incredibly rewarding journey and have changed his mind as to what is “possible” and have altered his physique on a fundamental level, one of the main take away from these experiences is that no exercise modality is complete. For example – high volume running or impact related exercise long term has always led to injury and or joint wear, yoga and Pilates doesn’t necessarily shape your body the way you need, cross-fit is highly satisfying and effective but many times unsafe etc. Our bodies are immensely complicated and requires principles and concepts from all modalities. The goal is true understanding and analysis of your own unique body needs, and other factors like body type specific nutrition, lifestyle, training volume relative to personal ability, and how to spot injuries before they happen – the maintenance of all important health factors, for the rest of your life without becoming injured or falling into a negative loop.

In order for you to keep improving and enjoying what you do, you will have to spend some time doing custom preventive exercise for your joints and modifying your training volume, intensity and load. In a few minutes of specific, individualized preventative movements you can alleviate pain, recover your body and learn how to maintain your injuries.

We offer a service that is more individualized than a one-size-fits-all program for the masses. Who knows maybe that’s exactly what has been contributing to you injury or staving your progress.

We designed your diet and exercise regimen, but you will be putting together the diet & exercise pieces that work for you. This allows you to get more involved and include foods & exercise that you enjoy or that you think will be best for you. We have a complete list of foods that covers every category or type that you need.